These are the rest of the clips, the idea here was to give a sense of retro style, a glance of silent movie ads.

All animations were created with after effects.

fast animation ads for people waiting to catch their flight. 

We designed this clip as a main part of series of advertising clips for Sakal Duty free watches.

We made this project from scratch, including snap shorts, direction and animation.


Various clips and animated advertising banners for important companies like Clal Bituach

This is a 3D sketch for a large touch screen, It animates depending your location, designed with Autodesk 3d's Max. 


This is the intro of the game which tells the story of the sub from beginning, designed with Autodesk 3d Max

Personal project, designed wit Autodesk 3d's Max

This is an art project, telling the sad story of a tree in an urban environment, with the song "clever and strong"

by Amit Erez

Sub snatcher is an arcade project game, wich I took part of It being the creator and designer.